The advantages and disadvantages of the granite sink

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Granite is a kind of decoration common stone, this material is still a lot of things, the sink is one of them, but a lot of people do not know this aspect, what about the granite trough? Many people are more curious. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of granite flume. Let's take a look.

What about the granite sink?

The granite (quartz) water trough, which is the hardest high purity quartz material in the granite (quartz), is mixed with high - Performance High - tech high - temperature die-casting of food grade resin. It can resist the wear and tear in daily life, such as sag, cutting, breaking, dyeing and antiseptic. It is the best material for kitchen sink.

The style and color of the granite flume are varied and beautiful. The feeling is gentle and gentle. It is a fine brush for modern kitchen, lighting the kitchen space. At the same time, the granite flume technology is integral and solid, and is suitable for the kitchen with high utilization rate. The appearance of granite trough has formed a huge impact in the domestic market, and it is also a new element to be injected into the sink market. In fact, in the European market, the granite trough is a kind of modern water tank which is very popular by the European people. Its texture is hard and durable, the appearance lines can be marginalized or or can be used. It is a circular line that makes granite sinks both hard and gentle.

The advantages and disadvantages of the granite sink:


1, high temperature resistant (high quality granite flume can resist high temperatures above 280 degrees), suitable for Chinese cooking.

2, good antibacterial property. The granite flume can effectively prevent bacterial regeneration after testing.

3, high hardness, scratch resistance, hardness second only to diamonds, scratch resistance, wear resistance;

4, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance is excellent. Even strong corrosive acidic food will not corrode the sink.

5, water absorption and oil absorption rate is very low, easy to maintain;

The granite flume is rich and diverse. With the popularity of the quartz stone table, the granite trough is equipped with various quartz mesa, which is more noble and charming, and makes the whole kitchen more harmonious.

7, do not need oiling, not easy to stick dust, maintenance, maintenance, convenient and simple, long service life;

8, the raw materials are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no radiation.


1, granite is easy to slide after water absorption, so it is better to install it in damp environment.

2, the price is relatively expensive, compared with stainless steel flume, granite flume is more expensive.

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