The cause of the damage to the stone ground

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The reasons for the damage of the stone ground:
1. The settlement and tear of the ground foundation cause cracks on the surface stone.
2, external damage causes ground stone damage.
3, choose from marble, choose marble to lay the ground, leaving behind trouble. On the one hand, people choose to pay attention to the color of the stone instead of considering the difference between weathering resistance and abrasion resistance of marble and granite. On the other hand, the initial import of stone is mostly marble, and the processing technology of granite is not so advanced at the time, and the colors and styles of marble are mostly elegant, which makes it a fashion to choose marble for indoor stone. It is also a major source of marble problems now. Because of.
4, the natural defect of marble. There are many natural defects in some marble, such as cracks, sand holes, porosity, and so on. If these defects are not well repaired and repared in advance, once the ground is laid on the ground, it will take the lead in the damage and destruction of the defective parts after it is dampness and some harmful pollution. Like the silver money rice yellow, the golden flower rice yellow, the enkephalin and so on.
5, wet environment. The main ingredient of marble is calcium carbonate, which will expand under the action of water, then the looser part of the stone structure will burst first, and it is a stone pit on the marble floor. The stone pits formed in wet environment will continue to be powdered and make the surrounding rock loose.
6, the wrong method of protection. To some owners and builders, although they had been painting the marble in advance, there was a problem on the ground. This is due to the fact that the cracks and loose parts of the stone have not been repaired well, and the larger water pressure on the back side of the stone will cause them to damage quickly. On the other hand, in spite of the protection on the front of the marble, the water on the ground will follow the cracks and loose parts of the stone into the interior of the stone, making the stone humidity increasing, thus forming a vicious circle.
7, wear and tear destroy the luster of marble. Marble has low hardness and poor strength. Therefore, marble floors, especially those with much more behavior, will soon lose their luster. Such as the Lang, the hall, the front of the counter and so on.

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