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Wax is a kind of protection method used in the past. It is a physical process. To put it simply, it is to coat the floor with a layer of wax (wax) to protect the floor. Daily maintenance will only cover and clean the covering (wax). This way of covering can not reflect the natural texture of natural stone, and the service life is short. Wax needs to be waxed regularly, constantly and repeatedly using wax and water, and most of the waxy water is strongly alkaline, and the cloud will be aging rapidly because of the corrosion of calcium carbonate. Granite quartz has high corrosion resistance, but feldspar and mica are not resistant to corrosion, so the pitting is constantly expanding and deepening, becoming uneven.
The crystal surface treatment is the best way to maintain the stone surface at present. It does not change the structure of the stone, and it is not covered with a layer of cover, so it does not change the texture of the raw stone. After crystal surface treatment, the stone surface molecules are denser and the gloss brightness is enhanced obviously, making the stone face more beautiful and more noble. Crystal surface treatment accumulates its effect and value in the continuous nursing process.
Key elements
The principle of the stone surface treatment is that the stone surface processing machine can produce certain heat on the stone surface by the 100 clean cloth friction professional agent on the crystal face processor, and then achieve a certain temperature, so that the agent can crystallize on the stone surface and form a layer of protective layer.
Because the core element of the stone surface treatment is to make the stone surface form a dense crystal hard layer through a certain temperature and a certain amount of medicine, the machine must have the following three key elements to do the stone surface treatment.
Temperature: the appropriate temperature for stone crystallization is about 60 degrees.
Two: when making crystal surface treatment, the machine needs to reach a certain speed to friction heat to sixty degrees, the appropriate speed is about 220 turns.
Three: suitable weight, most of the crystal face processors sold on the market at present, most of the speed can only reach about one hundred and seventy rotation, so only by increasing the weight to strengthen the friction, and reach the suitable temperature. The counterweight is too heavy, which is not good for machine operation. The weight is too light to achieve the desired crystallization effect. According to the data from the world's top manufacturers of crystal face processors, the machine plus weight is about 60KG.
Crystallization treatment
The marble crystallization treatment is a machine with crystal hard powder and crystal strengthening agent. By using pressure and heat, the chemical reaction is used to make chemical reaction on the surface of stone. The fine holes under the surface of the stone are closed to prevent the dirt from infiltrating into the stone interior. Then the stone surface is treated with crystal hard to increase the hardness and brightness of the stone surface, and it has the effect of anti-skid. In this way, the original natural color of the stone is exposed and fully protected. The maintenance degree is 3-5 times higher than that of the ordinary wax water, and it does not need complex maintenance procedures such as waxing and wax filling, and the long-term use can be saved. Human resources.
Marble crystal material:
1. marble crystal hardening agent K2, marble hard powder and matching maintenance solution.
2. stainless steel wire: 0 steel wire cotton, 1 steel wire cotton, 1 stainless steel wire and cotton.
3. pads: horse hairs, white pads and red mats
Construction scheme of marble crystallization:
1, use the washing machine to clean the marble surface thoroughly.
2, use pure water to mix the crystal powder into paste and apply evenly to the grinding pad.
3. Use the crystallizer to start with the crystal powder or the crystallizing agent.
4, after the marble surface is formed with high gloss crystal surface, the water suction machine is used to suck the residual paste on the surface.
5, polishing with polishing pad to make the ground completely dry and bright as a mirror.
Acceptance standard for marble crystallization
1, the corner is consistent with the center, shining brighten.
2, no stain. No footprints and scratches.
Crystallizing characteristics of marble:
1. After the marble is crystallized, the surface of the stone is uniform, clear, and has the sense of mirror. It shows the natural color of the stone.
2, high gloss, up to 85-95 degrees, basically reaching the standard of newly manufactured stone.
3, hardness is high, not easy to scratch, general hard objects (or natural walking) will not cause wear and tear to stones.
4, the surface is dry, it does not absorb dust, and is convenient for pushing dust everyday.

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